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A trip to the VW Show

Today I went with my son to a VW Show in the town called Peñuelas. It was a long trip from home, but for him this hasn’t been an issue in the past since he enjoys the trip through the window view. The cars around us, the buildings, and then the mountains, trees, and the clear skies as we got away from the city; I think is just the different landscapes and surroundings that he likes. And for that I can’t blame him since I’m the same way. For us is not the destination, is the journey.

During the entire morning he had trouble keeping his diaper. That struggle was handled first by his mom starting from approximately 4:00am. Yep, is not a typo; he woke up at 4:00am on a Sunday. Later I got involved too in the incessant game of the diaper, until it was time to go. I had told him several times the week before, that we were going to a Volkswagen Show and when I remind him, he just agreed to get dress and easily got inside the car on his car seat. I haven’t figured it out why, but it is at our home that he doesn’t want to be dressed, not even his diaper; it is a constant battle between him and us.

So we began our journey and not too long after that, he was hungry. Since his day had begun so early, his lunch time had also shifted. I remembered that there is a McDonalds in Santa Isabel, but when we got there they didn’t have the nuggets and fries because it was too early. We continue our trip and at 11:00am we start looking for another one. It is amazing that Ponce has different Burger Kings facing each other just across the street, and I could find a McDonalds. Let’s not forget that if it’s from fast food, my son will only eat from one place and no other. We finally found one which was perfect. It was perfect not for the black and white tile pattern that my son liked, but because it was empty. He likes to sit in the middle of the slide to calmly eat his fries, so usually I have to persuade him to move so that other kids can use the slide. He also likes to lay down on the floor with his food, and somehow he picks the middle of the area were all other kids are running. But what worries me more is not that he is in the path of the other kids, he has the same right to use the space as any other. Is that when other kids bump into him and touch his food or it gets in the floor, he picks them up and eat them anyway.

We finally got to the place and he seemed happy to get out and see what was happening. So we began to walk when he saw a dog of a person sitting at a domino table. It was instant happiness for him, and for the dog who was bored. They both laugh and play for a while, and then we continue our hunt for good looking VWs. Not long after that he began to pull me into one direction and when I look closely I realize he was dragging me to a VW that was the same color as mine. Apparently he thought it was ours and wanted to get in, and perhaps go already. Obviously I couldn’t open the door so he got frustrated and throw himself (carefully) to the floor. It is amazing how a little of dirt can influence my son’s behavior and shift his feelings from frustration to curiosity. When he was on the floor he noticed the dirt on the street and immediately sat and began playing with it; just grabbing a handful of it and throwing it slowly back to the street. I let him for a while and then convince him to get up and walk with me to our real car. We were not in the activity for too long, but I got a glimpse of all the cars and even took some pictures. When I take him to this kind of activities I know that he may want to leave soon, but I still got to try to get him to see and experience things and activities other than our home, school, or his therapy sessions.


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