Happy 8th Birthday to my son

A special note from my wife to our now 8 years old son:

“Happy birthday to my big kid, my sweet and loving boy.  You were blessed  with a pure heart, mind and soul.  Thanks to you,  I am a stronger and better human being. Diego, you are my inspiration and my strengh and I’m  so proud to be your Mom.  In fact, many hearts have been touched by you, and you have tought many of us who surround you lessons about what really matters in life.

Even though you are extra sensitive to “everything”, at the same time you are stronger than any kid your age. Thanks to you I now know what unconditional love is, and for that I’m grateful.
Today we celebrate all your big accomplishments in this past year, and we look ahead to help you reach many many more! We all love you so much DIEGO, have a happy 8th birthday my son.”



And what a nice surprise it was for us, when he blew the candle all by himself.  And he liked so much, that we had to light the candle over and over for a little while.


1 Response to “Happy 8th Birthday to my son”

  1. 1 jess April 21, 2012 at 9:06 am

    wishing your sweet boy a very happy birthday! love that you re-lit the candle for him – we’ve done that and resung the whole song! lol – hope it’s a wonderful year for all of you. 🙂

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