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Sibling’s Love

We’ve been blessed by having Diego in our lives, but we’ve also been equally blessed by having his sister Sofia.  She is an 8 years old girl with a wonderful heart, the most amazing imagination and creativity, and with a pure love for her brother.  For us it is very important that she understands her brother’s condition and that our everyday life is different.  In this regard she is incredibly mature, and even help us in our everyday activities with him.  We are fortunate that they like to play and laugh together as Sofia verbally expresses and as Diego spelled for her in the following messages:


Happy Sofia,

Easy afternoon laughing with you. Xtra nice, silly, easy day. Easy to be myself with you. Really luv u. You’re so fun. I am laughing and really wish I could make Autism go away to speak to you. Really, Miss Gal (Adriana) really helps me have my so many messages so I can speak to you. I have so much to say. I once have fear of being incapable of communication. Now I can have a voice; a very smart voice. Early on I made mistakes. Early on I gave up. But now I havIMG_5317e a real magical writing many stories. I am so much calmer in my nice mind. Amazing and incredible. Easy to make so many stories. Gaming makes me more creative. Nice laughing with u. Gaming with u always makes me interesting inspiration. Kind Sofia, easy to make me laugh. I make stories for u. Never in my real special life have I met some nice “amiga” like you. I luv u. I can make real magic with u.

I believe we are magical laughing friends, and u entertain me. All the silly Autism laughing never gets old. Happy I am your brother. Can we play some new games? I’m so keeping my laughing.

Nice early day gaming. You are so nice. I am laughing at all the silly times with you. I am so laughing in my head.

Need my soul sister in my room. I am so happy laughing with you. Are you so happy too? Sofia I luv u so much. Easy to luv u. U r so imaginative. I work so hard so I can master easy communication. Extra interested in mind. Oh am so xtra autistic.  So glad u r so intelligent and accepting. U r so awesome. U r intelligent and kind. Gave me so much more amazing memories than I could imagine.



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